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Spring Endowment

Spring Endowment

With the arrival of spring and mild weather, livestock is emancipated, but pasture grass is still usually rare. Animals typically give birth in the spring, however, despite these conditions. This is the busiest and hardest period for livestock breeders. There is the Lunar Month festival which celebrates the passing of winter safe and sound. The […]

Mongolian Traditional Fermented Mare Milk Airag 1 e1692265795411

Milk Libation Ceremony

Mongolians undertake milk libation ceremonies to honor the heaven, earth, and mountains when spring arrives, the weather turns warm, and the snow and ice melt. This is also the period when young animals are born and milk products become available. Milk libation symbolizes the arrival of these young animals and the dairy products. It venerates […]

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How Do Mongolians Celebrate Tsagaan Sar

Mongolians celebrate the Lunar New Year (Tsagaan Sar) / Lunar Month/ as a passing of one year and a welcoming of a new one. The first day of the New Year is traditionally a popular festival. It is celebrated on a broad nationwide scale. This is the celebration of the passing of the severe winter […]

Mongolian Shamanism

Mongolian Shamanism – Traditions and Ceremonies

Mongolian Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of religion. It has been developed on the basis of the belief in totemism and dates back to 300 to 400 BC. The Huns, ancestors of the Mongolians, worshiped shamanism and made it the state religion. Since then the people of Mongol origin, who lived in the […]

Popular Mongolian Customs Related to Household

Popular Mongolian Customs Related to Household

Customs related to the household and human life include social events that occur in the life of a family or community. Oral poetry and traditional customs express a family’s or community’s feelings of respect, well-wishing, or sorrow for a person or persons. Benedictions and songs are performed to a great extent in the celebrations of […]

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Mongolian Hunting

Mongolians hunt for stronger and bigger herding animals in hunting teams, but for smaller animals such as sable, marmot and squirrel hunt alone. Mongolia is a country that consists of the wide-open steppe lands, forests, rivers, mountains and deserts, and each has its own types of animal species. Therefore, from ancient times Mongolians have traditionally created […]

Mongolian Traditional Fermented Mare Milk Airag

Airag – Mongolian Traditional Fermented Mare’s Milk

AIRAG Mongolians start tethering foals and colts on the tiger day of summer. We stop tethering foals and colts on the dog day in autumn. There is a feast for fermenting mare’s milk within three days after tethering foals and colts. There is also feast for when we stop tethering foals and colts in autumn. […]

Ambagai Khan

How the Death Of Ambagai Khan Started Mongol Empire

Legends of Historical Events      The legends of the past events in Mongolian history and of renowned people in history belong to the legends of historical events. Those legends were transmitted through oral and written forms to us. There are many legends of Chinggis Khan, of his generals, of Mandukhai the wise queen, of […]

Mother Mount

Myth of Mother Mount(Eej Khairkhan)

The Legend of  Mother Mountain(Eej Khairkhan) Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl whose name was Eej Khairkhan, which means mother mount. Her beauty illuminated nearby places. But one day Burkhan buudai khan from a far country abducted her and took her to his birth place. Burkhan buudai khan was fierce and mean, […]

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