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Religious Faith of the Nomads

Uighurs were the first nomads to give up the shamanistic worship of Heaven and convert to Islam, perceived as the religious of the civilized world. From the time of the Huns up to the end of the Mongol era, central Asia was one of the vital political centers of the world, and so for two […]

1280px The Great Wall of China at Jinshanling edit

The Northern Nomads

The northern barbarians, who incessantly raided and looted China, depriving it to peace and forcing the building of the Great Wall, were a nomadic people. Though covered with thick taiga in the north, most of their land was a vast expanse of arid steppes and deserts, unsuitable for farming. According to J.Murdoch, 90 percent to […]

1280px Asiatiska folk Nordisk familjebok

The Altaic People – Origin of the Mongols

The Origins and relations between nations can be determined by studying linguistic families. The Altaic language family is spoken by most of the inhabitants of Siberia and Central Asia. About 150 million people speak one of the Altaic languages, a group consisting of many languages, such as Turkish, Kazak, Azerbaijan, and Avar.       […]


Who were the Mongols? – Origin of the Tribes

Who were the Mongols? The Origin of the Mongols is unclear but archeological evidence indicates that people lived in the vast territory of present-day Mongolia about 30,000 years ago, during the Upper Paleolithic Era. Important archeological evidence Pertaining to these times includes the finds from the Cave of Gurman Tsemher in Hovd aimag (province). The […]

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