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Mongolian Peoples Republic

The Birth of a Stateline Country

The first People’s Hural (Assembly) convened in November 1924, in Ulaanbaatar. The Hural’s main purpose was for the “people’s representatives” to ratify the new constitution and start building a state apparatus in accordance with the new arrangements. Prior to the Hural, aimag assemblies had been held, from which seventy-seven people were elected to go to […]

The Great Game 2

The Great Game

Ever since the Soviets and Outer Mongolia had signed a bilateral treaty in Moscow on November 5, 1921, the issue of Mongolia had been a bone of contention between the young Soviet Union and China. Soviet’s Attempt to Persuade China      On May 1, 1922, the Beijing government lodged a protest against this treaty […]

Tserendorj Signs Pact 1921

The Secret Intention of the Mongols

In the meantime, the Mongolian leaders were not as enthusiastic about the world revolution as the Soviets and the Guomindang. ever since the Kyakhta Treaty, Prime Minister Tserendorj and Foreign Minister Amar had been dealing directly with both Russia and China and they were well aware of their real intentions. Although in Russia the Bolsheviks […]


The Third Congress of the MPRP

Declaring Mongolia a republic was a single matter. Two days after Soviet representative Alexei Vasiliev said that the “Comintern would salute the proclamation of Mongolia as a republic”, the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party’s (MPRP) Central Committee made the proclamation. On June 7, its plenary meeting decided to seize the Bogd Khan’s seal, transform Mongolia into […]


Communist Seed in Mongolia

On August 25, 1921, an organization called the Union of Young Revolutionaries (Boshgyg Halah Zaluuchuudyn Evlel) was set up in Ulaanbaatar. One of its key figures was Choibalsan. The Soviets, not long before, had given a similar name to a Chinese youth terrorist organization and the Mongolian version was a direct translation of the ideas […]

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