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The Mongols Lose the Urianhai Region

Uriankhai was a strategic region, full of natural resources that Russia was determined to gain. Although Russia had taken Buriad Mongolia under the 1727 Sino-Russian Treaty of Kyakhta (Buur), Uriankhai, like the other Mongol aimags, was under the rule of the Qing Dynasty, which prevented Russian involvement. After 1761, the western Tannu Uriankhai were governed […]

Tsar Russia

Russia’s Campaign

Russia’s Negotiation with Japan Russia and Japan were worried about Mongolia’s declaration of independence in the midst of the Chinese revolution. It was clear to both of them that it would be unwise to give the Mongols this much freedom. On August 4th, 1911, the Russian government reached a decision to implement a “gentle” policy […]

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Liberation of Hovd

The Qing Dynasty had its envoys stationed in four places in Mongolia. The (Manchu governor) in Huree was responsible for Tsetsen Khan and Tusheet Khan aimags, while the amban in Uliastai oversaw matters in Sain Noyon Khan and Zasagt Khan aimags. These four aimags were called the Halh Four. The amban in Hovd was responsible […]


Declaration of Independence

The Mongols had been waiting two hundred years for the overthrow of the Manchu and his revival of the nation’s independent status. While waiting, and in their opposition to the New Administration, the pro-independence forces had become united and organized. They had also enlisted the support of Russian forces. Naturally, the masses who were unsure […]

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