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The Great Game 2

The Great Game

Ever since the Soviets and Outer Mongolia had signed a bilateral treaty in Moscow on November 5, 1921, the issue of Mongolia had been a bone of contention between the young Soviet Union and China. Soviet’s Attempt to Persuade China      On May 1, 1922, the Beijing government lodged a protest against this treaty […]

1280px Asiatiska folk Nordisk familjebok

The Altaic People – Origin of the Mongols

The Origins and relations between nations can be determined by studying linguistic families. The Altaic language family is spoken by most of the inhabitants of Siberia and Central Asia. About 150 million people speak one of the Altaic languages, a group consisting of many languages, such as Turkish, Kazak, Azerbaijan, and Avar.       […]

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Genghis’ Religious Tolerance

Although nomads historically adhered to shamanism, they had traditionally been tolerant towards other religions. while waging wars, snatching others’ lands and ruling different nations, they realized that if they would gain nothing except unceasing resistance. in fact, shamanism was not a monotheistic religion that worshiped one God, but it allowed for each to revere his […]

kublai khan

Kublai Khan – Founder of The Yuan Dynasty

Kublai Khan, a grandson of Genghis and second only to him among the great Mongol khans for his resounding fame, was born in Mongolia on September 23, 1215, just when his grandfather was be signing Beijing. Kublai was the first of the great Mongol Khans to boat of education, he left the native steppes of […]


Soviet Economic Control in Mongolia

In accordance with Comintern directives, the policy of overthrowing foreign capital began. This meant establishing a complete monopoly of Soviet non-capitalist ventures and driving out other influences. At that time foreign capital constituted 67 percent of Mongolia’s trade turnover. In 1929 those capitalist petty merchants accounted for 9.8 percent of imports and 26 percent of […]


Communist Seed in Mongolia

On August 25, 1921, an organization called the Union of Young Revolutionaries (Boshgyg Halah Zaluuchuudyn Evlel) was set up in Ulaanbaatar. One of its key figures was Choibalsan. The Soviets, not long before, had given a similar name to a Chinese youth terrorist organization and the Mongolian version was a direct translation of the ideas […]

Communist Hysteria Sweeps Mongolia e1692258633872

Communist Hysteria Sweeps Mongolia

Mongolia was drawn into a number of Stalin’s campaigns such as “collectivization”, “industrialization”, “neutralize” the kulaks and class enemies,” and the “fight against right-wing deviants.” Immediately after the Seventh Congress, the newly-appointed leaders of Mongolia received a “top secret” Comintern letter, number 2452, addressed to the MPRP Central Committee and the government. The letter demanded […]

1280px The Great Wall of China at Jinshanling edit

The Northern Nomads

The northern barbarians, who incessantly raided and looted China, depriving it to peace and forcing the building of the Great Wall, were a nomadic people. Though covered with thick taiga in the north, most of their land was a vast expanse of arid steppes and deserts, unsuitable for farming. According to J.Murdoch, 90 percent to […]

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Uniting the Mongols

Becoming the Khan of the Mongolian Empire was the start of Temujin’s astounding feat of conquering half the world. His immediate objective was to unite all the nomadic nation between the Altai and Khinggan Ranges. A political of rare aptitude in the history of mankind, Genghis shrewdly used the perpetual hostility of nomadic princes towards […]

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