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Genghis’ Wise Rule

Genghis Khan organized an admirable system of communication in his vast empire, namely the horse relay. Station located along the main roads at intervals of about thirty kilometers offered rest and fresh horses to emissaries, and though these communication lanes vital military, economic and political information was disseminated at an amazing speed. Although The Secret […]

Consulate of the Russian Empire in Urgoo

The People’s Party Born from a Conflict of Interest

While Urgern was in power in Huree, the delegation sent to Omsk to ask for Soviet help continued on its way. As luck would have it, the invasion of Urgern eventually caused the mission to be successful.       The delegation, led by Danzan, went from Omsk to Moscow where they even met with Chicherin, […]


Hulegu Khan – Conqueror of The Muslims

At the turn 1256, Hulagu Khan, who had been commissioned in Karakorum to bring law and order to the west, crossed the Amu Darya with his tens of thousands of soldiers and entered Iran to be met by the false smiles of the rival Seljuk Sultan and many other kings and princes, who barely managed […]

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The Leader Emerges

The rise of Habul, the Khan of the Hamag Mongol, and the subsequent fall of his lineage could be viewed as a sort of “warm-up session” before the emergence of the leader of the nomads. Habul’s descendants suffered hardships and humiliation as members of a demoted tribe. Although Habul Khan’s son Hutula had been proclaimed […]

The Taiping Rebellion

The Internal Affairs of the Qing Dynasty

With the weakening and eventual disintegration of the Qing Dynasty, by 1680 the destiny of Asian countries surrounding China had begun to take a different turn. First of all, under the impact of the Taiping rebellion, the mutinies of Nian and the Muslims erupted one after the other.  The Taiping Rebellion      Around 1850, […]

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