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Urga Medal

Asian Cavalry Division

At this time Baron Roman von Urgern-Sternberg, also known as the “Mad Baron” and the “Bloody Baron”, “began his bloodbath in Mongolia. Urgern’s invasion of Mongolia immortalized his name and altered the course of Mongolia’s destiny. The Baron’s Faulty Calculations       It still remains a mystery whether Semenov knew that Urgern, commanding his troops, […]

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The Party Seeks Soviet Help

The next, and perhaps much more important, items on the agenda of the Consular Hill Group and the East Huree’s Group meeting were the question of seeking assistance from Russia to achieve independence and selecting Party representatives to go to Soviet Russia. Present at the meeting was Sorokovikov, the man who would help secure such […]

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Between Benefit and Persecution

During the 1950s and 1960s, Mongolia’s nomadic community experienced and intellectual explosion. Since almost all the intellectuals had been killed during the repression of the late 1930s, Mongolian intellectual life has been devastated, and it was in his vacant space than an entirely new intelligentsia was formed on the Western model.  Among the 50,000 professional […]

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Education, Literature, Art and Sport

A Blessing in disguise  There is no denying that, for a backward nomadic country like Mongolia, building socialism meant the introduction of twentieth-century civilization. Human civilization as a whole has been progressively changing over several thousand years, while Mongolia had seen minimal low-level changes in its social structure, living standards, customs, culture, and civilization. Since […]

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The Healthcare for Population

Nomads, who lived remotely, were never really exposed to any infectious diseases since they lived many kilometers away from each other. Earthquake, flood, fire, and sudden natural disasters were not a threat to the nomads, as they were not a threat to the nomads, as they were not living in the city. However, among the […]

Milatarist Mongolia

Militarist Mongolia

In January 1966, Leonid Brezhnev visited Militarist Mongolia. The delegation included Andrei Gromyko, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Marshal Malinovsky, Minister of Defense. This was the first time a group of such high-level Soviet representatives had visited the country. The main purpose of the visit was to station a large contingent of Soviet troops in […]

Chinggis Khaan

Revival and Suppression of Genghis Khan

Although historians argue about the exact date of Genghis Khan’s birth, many agree on the year 1162. The 800th anniversary of the birth of Genghis Khan occurred, then, in 1962. At that time in China, where there were more Mongolians living than in Mongolia, a movement to commemorate this date sparked off. Moreover, because there […]

US Vice President in Mongolia

US Vice President Visits Mongolia

The meeting of the three great superpowers of the time – Britain, the Soviet Union, and the USA – to discuss the future of Europe, was held in Teheran on November 28, 1943. China was deliberately not invited to this meeting since in that case, the problem of Soviet-Japanese relations would have become awkward. However, […]

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Civil War in Mongolia

The Mongols could not tolerate the suffering of the communist experiment anymore. Some of them fled the country and the ones who stayed were burning with so much rage that they were ready to explode at the slightest provocation. But documents of the time indicate that there were no preliminary preparations, plans or agreements for […]

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