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The Khalkha Mongol

Dayan Khan’s youngest son Gersenzed assumed command of the central heartland of Mongolia, which to is called Khalkha. After his death, his widow divided Mongolia among her seven sons, which brought about the so-called doloon Khalkha hoshuu (referred to in historical literature as “seven khalkha bunners”). A hoshuu is a territorial division, sometimes translated “banners”; […]

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The Oirat Mongols

It was to this time that the distinction between Halh and Oirat Mongols can be traced. Mongols were now split into two parts, the Halh, and the Oirat. Western Mongolia received the name of Dorvon Tumen Oirat or, Dorvon Oirat. The origin of the word oirat is still unclear. While some claim that is derived […]

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In the centuries after Genghis, Timur once again reminded the world of the terrible might of the nomads’ sabers. Just when Kublai Khan’s Yuan Dynasty collapsed and the banished Mongols were defending their native lands and being beaten info disunity, Timur Khan, was terrorizing all around him, having built his powerful and uniquely aggressive state […]

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