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Mongols Oppose the New Administration Policy

From the beginning, Mongol feudal princess opposed Empress Zixi’s new program, the “New Administration Policy”. Although Mongolia had rid itself from more than two hundred years of subjugation and taxes levied by the Qing, the policies did affect the princes rights and privileges. In addition, the law banning the resettlement of Chinese subject in Mongolia […]


The Collapse of the Qing Dynasty

In 1907, Sun Yat-sen setup a revolutionary organization called Tongmenghui, or United Alliance. Two years later he issued a manifesto espousing three principles: nationalism (regaining China from the foreigners), popular democracy (establishing a republic), and the people’s livelihood (granting the right to equal land ownership). Sun Yat-Sen, in protest against the Manchu rulers, cut short […]

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China’s New Administration Policy

The disgraceful defeat and the enormous loss of territory suffered in the Sino-Japanese war aroused the determination of new thinkers. Underground societies sprang up everywhere, the most prominent of which was the China Self-Development society, founded in Beijing in 1895, which proclaimed: “Today, we are faced with enormous danger as we are under attack from […]

The Taiping Rebellion

The Internal Affairs of the Qing Dynasty

With the weakening and eventual disintegration of the Qing Dynasty, by 1680 the destiny of Asian countries surrounding China had begun to take a different turn. First of all, under the impact of the Taiping rebellion, the mutinies of Nian and the Muslims erupted one after the other.  The Taiping Rebellion      Around 1850, […]

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