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Western Civilization

Western civilization is the youngest of all world civilizations. Scholars suggest that it originated around 700-800 A.C. The Western civilization found its true form during the 15th century in Southern Europe and was founded on the ruins created by the Mongols. After the collapse of the great civilizations of Greece and Rome, Europe went through […]

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The Islamic World

The Altaic nomadic societies of Asia played a key role in the expansion of the Islamic world. The Turkic people who originated from Central Asia favored Islam. They assimilated in three waves into the Islamic world, a process which lasted four hundred years. The first wave was conducted by the Seljuk Turks (1055-1092), the second […]

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The descendant for Genghis Khan’s second son Tsagaadai, Babur conquered India and founded the Mogul Empire that survived till the British colonization of that country. The Great Mogul Empire      When Babur became the Emperor of Samarkand, his interest in India grew. Babur was the descendant of Genghis Khan on his mother’s side and […]

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The Russians

The Direct descendant of the Byzantine culture, the Eastern Slavs, established the Rus’ empire in 998. In truth, they are more Ukrainians than modern Russians. Kievan Rus’ dispersed to Novgorod, and to the northwestern, northeastern and southwestern areas. By this time Bat Khan’s army united all of Russia, built the Golden Horde and established Sarai […]



Today there are 1.4 billion Han nationals. However, it is hard to perceive these people, who speak six completely different languages, who follow three or four different religions and vary in ways such as clothing and food, as a united nation. Chinese people consider themselves as Han. This is the name of a powerful empire […]

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The Mongol Legacy

Free Trade In his famous work Libertarianism: A Primer, the free market economist David Boaz stated that it was the Mongols who initiated, supported and developed free trade. They brought peace, even for a moment, to the lands they burnt to the ground and soaked in rivers of blood, and after the peace came free […]

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