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The Dark World

Yellow Shaman Conception of Dark and Intermediate world The Shaman belief in the “dark” or “Intermediate” world has been long held by the Mongols. It is their answer to the question of where the spirit goes after death. Doctor G.Suhbaatar concluded that, since the Hunnu period, nobles were buried in double-walled tombs and that this […]

Blue Sky

The Eternal Blue Sky – Tengri

According to the Secret History of Mongolia, many powerful enemies of Chinggis Haan were defeated by psychological pressure despite the superiority of their forces. For example, in 1201 a large army of many Mongolian tribes, under the banner of Jamukh, fought Chinggis and Wan Han. They were defeated because mainly by rain and flood allegedly […]


Heaven’s Lord or Guardian Heaven

The Heaven’s Origin Chinggis and his relatives of a supreme or Tenger origin, who had glorified their own Heaven as “Eternal Heaven”, were considered as sacred, or angels, with white bones and bodies. So they were protected from lightning. Moreover, other people, who worshipped any holy spirit of Chinggis Haan or his relatives, or who […]


Celestial Body, Ovoo/Cairn, Tree and buumal

The Mongolian shamans believed that the sky neither solid nor liquid and was, therefore, untouchable.      The shaman invocations related to the location of a shaman Ongon call: The ones with etherial mantle, The ones who pass from cloud to cloud, The ones with ghostly silhouettes, Watch them all vigilantly,  Listen to them carefully… […]

Blue Heaven

The Blue Heaven

Worshipping the Heavens One of the main aspects of Mongolian Shamanist belief is the idea of “Blue Heaven”, which was just as important as beliefs about the creation of the world. After Dorje Banzarov, a number of foreign and native scholars have analyzed the belief in Blue Heaven. Among them, D.Mansan made a thorough analysis […]

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Land and Water Spirit

Lus and Savdag This is one of the three main aspects of the Mongolian Shamanist belief. The majority of researchers are agreed that the Mongols have respected and worshipped Land and Water because their Shamans considered that land and water have their own Spirit of Masters.      To my mind, the tradition of praying […]

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The Black Shamanist concept of Three Continents

Despite the powerful, positive and negative influences of Lamaism and Shamans of neighboring regions |such as the Tuvans of Tureg descent|, the Shamans of the north and northwest, including Renchinlhumbe, Ulaan-Uul, Bayanzurh and Tsagaan Nuur soums of Hovsgol aimag, were the most successful at protecting and maintaining the ancient forms, customs, and beliefs of Mongolian […]

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The Yellow Shamanist concept of the “Three Worlds”

The ideas of Mongolian Shamanism concerning the formation and structure of the Earth are explained in two ways. The belief in the Three Worlds has attracted the attention of most researchers. Based on the world conception of the shamans from Mongolian Hovd province, the area surrounding Ulaanbaatar and Inner Mongolia, Ch.dalay wrote:  Shamanism divides the […]

Mongolian shaman

The Yellow Shamans or Buddhist

The shamans who had lost the original content of Mongolian Shamanism and made its ritual in a formal manner in the name of Yellow Buddhist amulets were called Yellow Shamans. Dulamyn Gombo Zayran of Alag-Erdene soum, Hovsgol aimag, who was born in 1926, made his Yellow Shaman rituals on behalf of the Gombo and Dalan […]

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