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Black Shaman

The Black and White Shamans

The Black Shamans      Therefore, Shamans were labeled according to the direction from which they drew their power. The Ongon of a Shaman who was supported by Black deities and spirits was known as a shaman of the Black side. The Shamans of this side worshipped their own ancestors in the period of tribal […]

Mongolian Shamanism Traditions and Ceremonies

Direction and Color in Shamanism

Firstly, then, it is necessary to discuss our ancestors’ general conception and understanding of the universe, in particular, the matters of “direction” and “color”.      Researchers of this explained their understanding by dividing the directions into “good” |West and South| and “bad” |East| sides. Thereafter, some of them attempted to provide more detailed explanations […]

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The Foundation of the Tengrism

Tengrism is considered that its foundation dates back to a period many thousands of years ago, that is, to the era of primitive systems. However, there remain a variety of different opinions concerning precisely when and where the religion originated.      Ch. Dalay, in his Brief History of Mongolian Shaman Worship, considered, “Religious beliefs […]

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Foundation and Development of Mongolian Shamanism

The Development of Mongolian Shamanism Several scholars have divided Shamanism into historical stages, according to Mongolian history. In 1985, H.Buyanbat analyzed the distinctions made in 1959 by Ch. Dalay between ancient and medieval phases and proposed his own five-stage periodization: Foundation of Mongolian Shamanism including its historical stages from the Matriarchy to the seventh century […]

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