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Morin Khuur Position 1

Playing Position For The Morin Khuur

How the Morin Khuur sounds “and how well you play it” depends very much on how you sit and how you touch the instrument. It is very important how you place the instrument. You need to be relaxed, with your arms and hands in the right position, smooth finger movements, with correct posture “all generally […]

Top 5 Mongolian clothing to buy online

Top 5 Mongolian clothing to buy online

1. Deel is one of the Mongolian national costumes with thousands of years of history. National costumes are an important historical item of human society and it has been constantly changing for many years to find their final version. Deel designs are different by nationality. Regarding the material, they can be made of cotton, silk, […]

lkhamour e1692499291349

Mongolian Top 5 Skincare Products to Buy Online

Nowadays people prefer to use more natural beauty products as they are less harmless and more organic. In Mongolia, the production of cosmetics is a relatively new sector, and in recent years, companies have been established to produce organic products without any chemical ingredients and waste, from pure natural raw materials. By 2021 there are […]

mongol costumes 1

What Are The Best Mongolian Traditional Clothing Ideas?

Mongolia, a small country in East Asia, is well known for its nomadic life, harsh climate, and & Gobi Desert; The country has a remarkable history and a unique culture. Traditional clothing varies with seasons. These clothing and costumes speak volumes about the age, marital status, and gender of the wearer. The female dress, especially […]

great gobi animals

Environmental protection in Mongolia from the ancient time

Protecting precious landscapes and historical monuments has enormous importance because they contribute to the ecological balance of Mongolia support important ecological processess and provide homeland for numerous threatened and endangered animal and plant species that represent different ecosystems. It also helps us to preserve our rich natural and cultural heritages and unspoiled habitat for the […]

Shiguderi with Mongolian Cow

Mongolian Traditional Milk Vodka

A vodka made from dairy products is widely used by Mongolian people. A traditional method of making vodka is very specific. The main ingredient of vodka is cow’s milk. There are two different methods of making the vodka, one is using a tube or pump the other one is a closed method. If the vodka […]

death worm 2

Mongolian Death Worm

Death worm is known as meter-long red worm-like creature that is found in the Mongolian Gobi. But there is no real history of it, and many years of research have not confirmed it. It is believed that there are death worms in most of the Gobi Desert, and the former Prime Minister of Mongolia, Ts. […]

Baigaljav instrument maker

Interview with Baigalijav | Craftsman of the Hu Band’s Instruments

It isn’t easy to imagine the pioneer of Hunnu rock, The Hu band, without their instruments. P.Baigalijav is the person who crafted their uniquely designed instruments, a combination of traditional and modern style, symbols of nature, sky, and fire. He spent his 31 years of life for crafting traditional music instruments to craft over 40 […]

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