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The beauty of the Gobi Desert

     It is true that 42.7% of total Mongolian land is Gobi Desert, out of which only 5% is covered by sand. There are a total 33 Gobi Deserts in Mongolia and the biggest is called “Galbyn Gobi”. It is located in Khanbogd soum, Omnogobi province, and its 200 km long and 50 km […]

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Mongolian Top 5 Food Items to Buy Online

1. Aaruul Have you ever heard about Aaruul? This is a dried milk product and a healthy snack for Mongolians. It can be varied by size, shape and flavor depending on the region where it is made. Since its main ingredient is milk it is rich in protein, vitamin C, D, E, A, and calcium. […]

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