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Blue Heaven 2

The Heaven’s Origin

Chinggis and his relatives of a supreme or Tenger origin, who had glorified their own Heaven as “Eternal Heaven”, were considered as sacred, or angels, with white bones and bodies. So they were protected from lightning. Moreover, other people, who worshipped any holy spirit of Chinggis Haan or his relatives, or who worked closely with them, were also protected. Thus, they should indicate their presence with great shouting to show their Heaven’s origin during natural calamity such as thunderstorms.

     Rashid-ad-Din wrote that “People of Kian and Nohos |dogs| origins cursed lightning and they did not eat beef from a cow which had been struck by lightning, but they desired to pass by its body”. Moreover, in the beginning of the twentieth century, only men of Chonos |wolves| origin prepared beef that was struck by lightning, on a wooden |birch| stand of Heaven in order to be devoured by a Heaven animal such as eagle and falcon. People of Sharnuud origin, who worshipped the spirit of Tsagaadai, the second son of Chinggis Haan, and his queen Tsankhulan, shouted during thunder lightning:

I am a descendant of the Mighty Sharnuuds,

With thirty three Heavens-Hormust, so,

Strike me, if you want someone with a skin cloak,

Strike my horse, if you want well-fed one!

     However, none-aristocrats never said these words to the Heavens. They were also strictly forbidden to talk to each other in a loud voice, to use anything shiny or made of metal, or to go out naked or in white clothing during a thunderstorm. Thus, in regard to Heaven, beliefs varied according to social status. The nobles and aristocrats tried to maintain near equality with Heaven. In contrast, ordinary people believed themselves to be humble servants who should worship Heaven accordingly. Consequently, it becomes clear that current ritual customs treating the Heavens with the greatest reverence have been passed down from the common people rather than the nobility.


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