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Mongolian Game Painting

Mongolian Game Painting

An ancient times Mongolians used to paint the games they are playing such as card and shaggy etc. Mongolian traditional painting has developed in correlation with all types of art. One of these types is the painting of Mongolian games. Khözör, üichüür and other games are hand-made out of paper, leather and suede, and have been created and played by the Mongolians for centuries. The nomadic lifestyle, features of nature and the environment, and the unique culture, traditions and viewpoints of the nomadic pastoralists are vividly reflected in the traditional game paintings, which also clearly demonstrate the skill and talent of the Mongolian artisans.

Card Drawings
In the collections at Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts in Ulaanbaatar, card drawings clearly show the reality of the royal people, lords, queens, guards, servants, and slaves of ancient times, and often in sarcastic ways.

Card painted in ancient times

Painting of Uichuur: A Traditional Card-Like Game
This card-like game is played with dice. different animals of seven types; each having its own score. Each of Üichüür cards are painted using about 130 the animals demonstrate different movements and profiles. Üichüür game paintings in the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts. The museum holds 136 small cards with the paintings of nature and animals. In this game, there are paintings of 64 different birds, 32 rabbits, 16 musk deer, 8 deer, 3 vultures, 3 dogs, 3 foxes, 4 snow-leopards, 2 tigers and 1 lion, each located in a different environment with different movements.


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