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Shiguderi with Mongolian Cow

Mongolian Traditional Milk Vodka

A vodka made from dairy products is widely used by Mongolian people. A traditional method of making vodka is very specific. The main ingredient of vodka is cow’s milk. There are two different methods of making the vodka, one is using a tube or pump the other one is a closed method. If the vodka is brewed many times it becomes stronger in taste. Shiguderi is a well known Mongolian brand of milk vodka. Shiguderi meaning is the ancient form of the word “shuuder” which means dewfall. The vodka shiguderi should be kept away from direct sunlight in the temperature between 4-12 gradus celsius.

Mongolian milk vodka

It can be drinken warm by heating it. If you drink warmed-up Shiguderi it will reach all your cells and organs to warm up your whole body. Please heat your milk vodka in 40-45 gradus celsius (without boiling) for 1-3 minutes. You can add a little amount of cane sugar or honey to your vodka. It is advised to drink before a heavy meal.

It can also be drinking chilled. The vodka should be chilled between 5-9 gradus celsius before drinking. A chilled vodka can be drunk solely or with fresh mint. Mongolian milk vodka is not only alcohol but it also has some benefits to human health. Usually, milk vodka is processed manually in the herder family’s home but nowadays it is made using special technology to meet the sanitary requirements. Mongolian traditional milk vodka has a different taste and quality due to its original milk product. If it is made from mare’s milk it is called “airag“. If it’s made from camel milk it is called “Khoormog”. If it’s made from cow’s milk it is called “Shimiin arkhi”.

9 Benefits of Milk Vodka

  1. It helps digestion when it is drunken by adding butter (ghee) or cane sugar to it.
  2. It is a pure organic product made of cow’s milk without adding a drop of water
  3. No preservatives and no chemical additives
  4. It releases tension and gives you calmness after drinking
  5. It gives you energy when drinking it with cane sugar
  6. It improves sexual potential when drunken before bedtime
  7. It helps in the weight loss process if you drink a little during yoga time
  8. It helps for sweating to reduce overall body warmth
  9. It is good for foot and back pain caused by scurvy

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