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Mother Mount

Myth of Mother Mount(Eej Khairkhan)

The Legend of  Mother Mountain(Eej Khairkhan)

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl whose name was Eej Khairkhan, which means mother mount. Her beauty illuminated nearby places. But one day Burkhan buudai khan from a far country abducted her and took her to his birth place. Burkhan buudai khan was fierce and mean, and his subjects were scared of him greatly. After her abduction, Eej Khajrkhan lost her appetite and became sleepless and was gloomy day and night as she yearned for her parents and birth place. So her beauty disappeared and she pined for this distant place. The Burkhan buudai khan organized feasts which he wanted to revive her mood. Because of this feast, people got drunk.

Eej hairhan

On this occasion, Eej Khairkhan with her servant escaped. Both travelled a great distance. They arrived to the periphery of their birth places which was a vast Gobi. They saw the birth land and breathed in happily. When Burkhan buudai found out that his wife with her servant had escaped, he was enraged and sent out many soldiers to chase them. They overtook the two fugitives. Eej Khairkhan was squatting on the opposite side. Those soldiers took a handful of sand and sprang it.
Eej Khairkhan did not stand up, but became stuck in the sand where she remained in the Gobi desert alone. Since then, many years passed by, the Eej Khairkhan in the Great Gobi remained a beautiful and odd mountain. Burkhan buudai Mountain exists to the North-east of the Eej Khairkhan Mountain and the servant Sutai Mountain is standing to the south-east.

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