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The Three Pillars Concept of Mongolian Shamanism 1

The Three Pillars Concept of Mongolian Shamanism

The noblest thing, which symbolizes a stable state fire-hearth, was a “Tulga” or Trivet. Early the Mongols had used three stones to support a cooking pot and later used the three-legged trivet. In this regard, it was a customary that a trivet should be placed on the hearth with one leg towards the door and the other two towards the rear of a ger. This meant that the rear was open and peaceful, bu that the front barred the entiry of anything evil. However, after the Manchurian occupation, the custom changed contrary (two legs towards the door), so that even though evil could enter the ger, the leg of the trivet protected the rear. Moreover, the Mongolian Shamans preferred odd numbers, especially three and nine, as the most powerful black Ongons on the

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