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Top 10 Souvenirs from Mongolia

Souvenir products and toys are miniature forms of culture and represent the tradition of that particular country very well. Most Mongolian souvenirs are made of animal by-products and natural materials. Below I have found the Top 10 souvenirs and toys of Mongolia that are considered to be very unique by tourists and travelers.

1. Tsatsal

Tsatsal is a flat (unpainted) wooden spoon with 9 carved indentations. Mongolians like the number 9 because it is a result of multiplying 3 by 3. In other words, it is a milk spoon for tossing milk into the air, therefore not used for eating and drinking purposes. Mongolians are very spiritual people, they think that milk is the representation of a pure heart that’s why they offer milk by sprinkling it to people or nature.

2. Felt chess

What is unique about felt chess is that the board is made of sheep’s wool felt and it is foldable which makes it easy to carry anywhere. The chess pieces are made of ceramic and show the Mongolian traditional way of life as the bishop is represented by a two-humped Bactrian camel. The roll-up felt chess is a good choice for travelers.

3. Leather wall hangings

Lightweight leather wall hangings are also one of the top choices for travelers visiting Mongolia. The frame is made of good quality wood and a picture is painted on leather. The size and picture on the wall vary such as Chinggis Khan riding a horse, a Mongolian queen, or Camel in the Gobi desert.

4. Anklebone game

Mongolians have around 70 million livestock and livestock has been an inseparable part of our life since ancient times. They use everything from their livestock, especially sheep. The sheep’s anklebone became the main game for Mongolians. The anklebone is cleaned and boiled well for sterilization and painted after all. In many anklebone games the side on which a tossed piece of land is distinguished as sheep, goat, horse, and camel.

5. Puzzle Yurt Game

Puzzles are fun to play. Mongolian miniature form of the yurt is made into puzzle form. It is the real version of ger which was reduced by 11 times. By playing this puzzle you can learn how to assemble a Mongolian yurt with its furniture. The toy puzzle is made of wool felt like a cover and wooden sticks as a frame. It is a great choice for gifting to a friend or family.

6. Khorol Game

Khorol is one of the ancient Mongolian games that is crafted with square wood blocks, sized and shaped similar to ancient dominos. There are a total of 60 figures drawn on the blocks, representing 4 from each of the 15 figures, each with different powers. People are divided into two groups and all the blocks are placed face down on a table and mixed well. Then the players place them in a circle, laying 5 by 5, and decide who will start by taking the laid blocks.

7. Uichuur

It is the oldest form of playing cards, and by playing this game you will be able to work in a team, think and make decisions faster, and memorize correctly. The game consists of 128 thin wooden or card pieces each representing special animals and a specific number of points assigned to it. For example, there is only one lion in the set and it is worth 64 points. Dice are rolled and when a four is rolled, the player collects a piece. In the end, the player with the highest number of points wins.

8. Chinggis Sculpture

The warship structure of the Great Mongolian army is usually organized into several different units such as the head group, main group, left flank, right flank, and tail group. Each of these units had its own assignment. The left and right flanks are specified to protect the main group from sudden attacks. The army travel structure is organized into four units guide group, head group, main group, and tail group.

9. Egg-shaped Doll

The egg-shaped doll is made up of wood and painted. The doll represents Mongolian people’s face and their styles very well. It will be a cute present from Mongolia.

10. Salt Lamp

Mongolians believe that salt cleanses the bad energy from the body and environment. The lamp is made up of Mongolian rock salt called “Jamts”. The lamps bulb works at 110 volts. The salt lamp is made into any design and shape you want.

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