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Top 5 Mongolian clothing to buy online

Top 5 Mongolian clothing to buy online

1. Deel is one of the Mongolian national costumes with thousands of years of history. National costumes are an important historical item of human society and it has been constantly changing for many years to find their final version. Deel designs are different by nationality. Regarding the material, they can be made of cotton, silk, or brocade and the color varies. It has many button closures and covers the front side of the wearer fully to protect from heavy wind. There must be a belt to wear on Deel so that people can put their belongings inside their Deel and it serves as a front pocket. Deel looks huge when it’s not worn. In winter people wear thick Deel lined with lamb fur.


2. A Hat is one of the very respected items of Mongolians. They don’t put hats in lower places and take out hats indoors. All this is related to their respectfulness of the head. Generally, the Mongolian hat has a pointed or domed top with a red flap and a downward line of stitches resembling rays of the sun. That pointed hat symbolizes eternal prosperity and the great spirit of the Mongolian people. Various furs and skins are sometimes attached to different parts of Mongolian hats depending on their purpose and style. Also, the hat design has different styles depending on the season, gender, and age of wearers. In earlier times, the hat style represents the background of the wearer. Mongolians even don’t wear other’s hat.


3. Mongolian traditional boots are very unique in the world. The boots have the upturned toes because Mongolians wish to “do no harm to nature and small animals”. Also, any number of ornaments are hand-stitched on the boots starting from 8-64 ornaments. The boots of kings, queens, and high-ranked monks were made with beautifully stitched ornaments. For example, younger people wear boots with fewer ornaments, while middle-aged people wear boots with 40 ornaments. 64 ornamented boots are worn by the elder people in Mongolia. There are woolen socks called “zulag” to be worn inside the boots which make the foot warm in winter. There are around 143 different styles of Mongolian boots noted in history. Mongolian boots are fully adapted to the specifics of Mongolia’s environment and climatic conditions in terms of use, and the toes of the boots are made upward so that they do not get kicked by stones and are not dragged when sitting cross-legged.


4. Mongolia is rich in wool products. They make different types of clothing by yak wool, camel wool, sheep wool, and cashmere. Cashmere is considered the softest and warmest wool also it is comfortable.  Mongolia supplies about 45 percent of the world’s cashmere. However, 0.2 percent or a very small percentage of the finished product is prepared. Mongolians use the combing method for collecting cashmere fiber and they keep quality standards for combing, storing, transporting, and processing stages of cashmere.


5. Mongolians wear shirt inside their Deel. The shirt design is also similar to Mongolian Deel but thin and comfortable to wear.




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