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What Are The Best Mongolian Traditional Clothing Ideas?

Mongolia, a small country in East Asia, is well known for its nomadic life, harsh climate, and & Gobi Desert; The country has a remarkable history and a unique culture. Traditional clothing varies with seasons. These clothing and costumes speak volumes about the age, marital status, and gender of the wearer.
The female dress, especially of married women, is well decorated. It is adorned splendidly with embroidery, ornaments, and jewelry. The male clothes are primarily plain, and the elders always wear sober, simple garments. The costumes also vary with the seasons and climatic conditions. Mongolians have specific cultural costumes related to the occasions and events.

Essential Items Of A Traditional Mongolian Dress

     The traditional Mongolian dress includes a hat, deel, accessories, and boots. Deel is of many types;
one, called;Terleg; (summer coat), is the kind of deel Mongols wear in summers, and the other one worn in winters, spring, and autumn is a lambskin coat called as;Khovontei Deel; In Mongolia, winters are harsh and unforgiving; thus, people have invented more comfy clothes suitable for snowfall periods. The deel, in general, is like the Tibetan robe, which has no pockets. The silk sash is the Mongolian-style belt to which multiple objects of daily use are tied. These include stuff such as snuff bottles, tobacco, and pipe pouches to eating utensils. Rarely, the Mongols also used to connect self-defense items to the deel / belt.
     Just like you can find a variety of other countries clothing in the UK like the American or Italian clothing UK collection etc. You can also find Traditional Mongolian apparel in markets.

Here are some of the best traditional Mongolian clothing ideas:

 17th Century Sable Fur Deel Coupled with Brown Leather Boots and Silk Sash

     As the essential item of a Mongolian dress is a Deel. So, our first Mongolian dress idea also includes a beautiful Sable Fur deel. The 17th-century sable deel comes in dark blue and black colors. Mongolians beautifully stitch and knit these deels themselves. The Sable fur deel is a handmade item stitched skillfully by the Mongolian dressmakers for everyday wear. The Mongolian craftsmen designed this deel jacket, keeping the Mongolian social values, customs, and climate. The apparel will look elegant when paired with brown leather boots. If the deel is simple, it is best to have embroidered boots and a wolf tail hat. The tail hat gives an elegant and stylish look when coupled with a simple plain deel. It also protects the ears from the harsh cold. This dress is suitable for young Mongolian females if a yellow leather belt with an alloy buckle is fastened around the waist, giving it the perfect Mongolian look. Oh yes, ladies, never forget to wear your beautiful accessories along with your deel jacket. The best option is to go for the pendant. When a charm with colors that complement the Deel color is paired with the wolf tail hat, the sable deel embroidered leather boots look right. It brings out a sense of wilderness and a modern trendy look in the clothing.


 Simple Black Long-Sleeves Shirt with 13th Century Brown Vest Deel and an Ancient Style Silk Sash

     Mongolian history encompasses multiple wars and bloodshed. Thus, the nation’s clothing was made adaptable to their lifestyle. This round-neck Mongolian shirt has long sleeves. Most people wear the long sleeves shirt under the sleeveless Deel/vest. The 13th century Deel nomads; traditional placket has a purpose of double protection from the harsh cold and avoiding any digestive problems. The design of the vest garments, the combination of colors, and the decorative ornaments speak volumes of an old tradition. The deel is closed diagonally from the front. Its high collars are decorated well with precious corals and pearls. A black leather bag tied to the silk sash with a buckle can be a modern-day replacement to the old style of hanging equipment from deel sash. You can put those items in your bag to serve the purpose of convenience. The waistband(silk sash) decorated with colorful beads and stones spruced up the overall look of the apparel. Most of the Mongolian deels are brown and dark blue. This high collar deel is also Brown, and when worn with simple black boots and a sash to which a black with a leather bag, it brings a traditional style and confidence in the wearer’s personality. The hat is an integral part of the traditional Mongolian clothes, and a fur hat is all a Mongol needs to look trendy and confident.


 Dark Blue Silk Women Deel and an Embroidered Hat

     A loose ponytail will look elegant with this Dark Blue Deel. The color combination and the patchwork on this Dark Blue women deel offer a new blend of modern design and tailoring; it is fantastic. The orange patchwork on this deel gives it a whole new look. The deel with a furry lacing, perfect diagonal cuts, and yellowish-orange patchwork in the middle paired with a fabulous embroidered hat are ideal for Mongolian street style fashion. The orange hat with blue embroidery that matches the color of deel adds an on-trend edge to the outfit.  The patchwork color will keep the focus of your clothing on the yellowish-orange patchwork by teaming it with simple accessories of the same shade colors. It’s easy to wear great quality durable clothing and can be worn daily or on occasions.

Closing Thoughts:

     Like every culture has its beauty, The Mongolian culture has a lot to offer to the tourists.
Traditional Mongolian clothing is a part of Mongolian culture. People from all around the world visit Mongolia to have a glimpse of the traditional Mongolian lifestyle. The westernization of Mongolian culture is shifting Mongolian streetwear away from conventional local clothing. After reading the article, you will get some ideas of how to pair the traditional apparel with accessories to give it a more aesthetic look without looking, old class. The Mongolian youth can utilize these ideas and wear indigenous clothing to preserve the traditional costume at all costs. 

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