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What we do

Mongulai is Mongolian online store platform that offers products made using traditional handcrafting techniques.

Started in 2016

Mongulai was founded in 2016 by Telmen Luvsandorj, man who always looking for a way to make positive impact on his country. Over time he went to the local artisans SME exhibitions and found top quality, creative apparel and food products from natural eco materials that promising.
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Telmen Luvsandorj founder of Mongulai

Launched Website in 2017

But many of the products were local specialties made by family businesses that didn’t sell overseas. So he decided to change that by building simple platform.

Growing Everyday since 2018

Since 2017, Mongulai grown from Telmen packing boxes himself in his living room to a fast-growing team. All of us have different roles to fill from sourcing, fullfillment and creative marketing and customer experience, but we have all one thing in common : a love of Nomads Crafstmanship. 

Mongulai Team

How we do it

We work with passionate individual designers, small businesses, craftsmen motivated by their love of traditional and modern handcraft products.

Why we do it

Your purchase from Mongulai.com supports Mongolian herders, craftsmen, artisans and also creates a real change in a sustainable income for hundreds of small business people in Mongolia
Made in Mongolia Only

Everything at our store is Made in Mongolia

and 100% original only

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