Our Story

Mongulai was founded in 2016 by Telmen Luvsandorj, man who always looking for a way to make a positive impact on his country. Over time he went to the local artisan, SMEs exhibition and found very creative, quality apparel and food products made with natural materials. But many of the products were local specialties made by family businesses that didn’t sell overseas. So he decided to change that.


Since 2016 we’ve grown from Telmen packing boxes himself in his living room to a fast-growing team. All of us have different roles to fill from sourcing, fullfillment and creative marketing and customer experience, but we have all one thing in common : a love of Nomads Crafstmanship. 


Our mission at Mongulai is to empower Mongolia’s traditional artisans by sharing their authentic craftsmanship and stories with the world.


 – Telmen Luvsandorj


Making Altai Yatga



By purchasing from us you support Mongolian herders, craftsmen, artisans and also creates a real change in sustanaible income for hundreds of small business people in Mongolia.