Carved Silver Bowl

During the course of the 17th and 20th centuries, most regions inhabited by ethnic Mongols, notably outer and inner Mongolia became part of the Qing Empire (The Machu). Since that time, Mongolians had begun to use the silver bowl in their daily lives. When a group of Mongolians was invited to a dinner with Manchu Emperors, men preferred to carry their silver-lined bowl with them for a very practical reason. It is said that when a poisoned liquid is poured into a silver vessel, the silver changes color and the owner knows not to drink the liquid offered.

Silver Bowl

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Health benefits of using Silver bowls

  • Silver is not toxic as it doesn’t oxidize when you serve hot foods in them.
  • Bacteria and other pathogens cannot develop in silver and it boosts immunity.
  • Utensils that made from silver has a cooling effect on the body. If you use a silver plate while eating, the cooling effect for the body can help smooth digestion and help the body’s metabolic system.
  • There are some benefits of silver bowls for beauty. They can be used to curl eyelashes, eliminate dark circles under the eyes, and heal acne.
  • Based on statements issued by Hippocrates (Father of Medicine), silver can kill microorganisms and is a tool to prevent decay.

Silver bowl’s design

Silver bowls are categorized by the time length of making and amount of silver used. The decoration of the silver bowl clearly demonstrates the skill of the artisans, as well as the quality and style of the silver.

Silver Sample Percentage
800 80.0
835 83.5
875 87.5
925 92.5
999 99.9

The table above represents if a silver sample of your bowl is 800, it includes 80% silver and other materials like wood and brass.

As widely used and greatly respected by the Mongolians, cast silver bowls are one of the most popular items made by blacksmiths. When casting a silver bowl, a special model of a bowl is used to shape the melted silver sheet with the help of various traditional tools and techniques. The most popular ornaments for silver bowls include the animal-ornaments symbolizing strength and power, such as the dragon and lion, and geometric ornaments symbolizing longevity and prosperity, such as ölzii khee.