Goat Wool - Cashmere

Mongolia has almost 30 million goats. It’s the world’s 2nd largest producer of cashmere fiber. It is well known among luxury brands and is sold to the biggest names in fashion. It is rightly called the best cashmere in the world. What makes the cashmere especially valuable is the thinness of the fiber and the length. It’s only 13,0-16,5 microns in thickness, which is very thin. The thinner the fiber, the warmer it is. It is also softer. The length is 38–45 mm. These two parameters make Mongolian cashmere the best in the world.

Mongolian Cashmere

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Showing all 52 results

Cashmere yarn

– known as “soft gold” and “wool diamond”

– the softest of all types of wool yarn

– cashmere fiber 4 times thinner than a human hair

– made from the undercoat of goats, which are combed out by hand

– not electrified

– hypoallergenic

In Mongolia, goats graze freely in the vast steppes, when other goats from different countries are kept in yards. This also has a positive effect on the quality of down. One of the unique features of Mongolian cashmere is its organic (unpainted) colors.

       Unpainted Mongolian cashmere can be of four colors:
        1. White
        2. Silver
        3. Beige
        4. Coffee with milk.
       Due to its characteristics, Mongolian cashmere provides a long and comfortable toe without losing appearance. Only Mongolian cashmere can be washed delicately without harming the quality of the products.
  “Life is so short not to wear cashmere,” Coco Chanel once said