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Mongolians have used the double-embroidery stitch not only for their national costumes and other clothing items but also for their traditional hand-crafted products. This stitch continues to be used even in contemporary decorative arts. The technique uses two threads and is created both with and without the use of a needle. Briefly put, the double-embroidery stitch is a meticulous stitching technique made by a fastening thread that is coiled around a needle. The stitch requires a great deal of delicacy, patience, and persistence, and at the same time the artistic skills of an artisan.

Embroidered Bag

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It is done using the seven colors of the rainbow and requires the embroiderer to use his or her imagination and talent. The distance between each stitch must be equal and the wrapping of the thread must be even as well, whether it is wrapped in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. It is important to wrap the thread in the same way and to make a continuous line, especially when blending the colors. Because of the beauty and strength of the double-embroidery stitch, it is used in the creation of many handicrafts and precious belongings. The finer the thread, the better the quality and beauty of the stitch. One can find many of the Mongolian traditional ornaments, including naiman takhil (eight offerings), doloon erdene (seven gems), natsagdorj(thunder of bolt) and tavan takhil (five offerings), created using this stitch.