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Wool Blanket


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Ordering and shipping of the product was a very good experience. The products was in good shape with only a couple breaks after it’s journey to SD, USA. Overall, we like the product(we ordered 3). We ordered ours in yellow and they look great against the tree.

Chris Anderson

A glorious bow!! I was amazed that the sacred csodaszarvas(wonder deer) was carved in the siyah horn! Suberb traditional handicraft! Very powerful bow and great for competitive practice! This bow preserves the traditional and history of the Peoples of the Steppes very well. I even hope to preserve this as a family heirloom. 

Alexander Dudas

Crisp, refreshing, robust Airag drink! an Acquired taste at first, but it is quite delightful once you are used to it. Invigorating and refreshing! yum! Have a hearty feast of rare steak with this robust probiotic drink to feed your warrior spirit!

Grant Arnold
Discover authentic Mongolian clothing, decorations, and unique gifts at Mongulai. Either if you are looking for traditional Mongolian Yurt, Deel, and Souvenir or want to have your Natural Mongolian products at your home, Mongulai is more than willing to offer you everything linked to Mongolia.
Emily C.
Emily C.
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

I lived in Mongolia for 2 years and have regretted not getting really good slippers there ever since. These are everything I wanted and excellent quality. I'm extremely happy with them.

4 months ago
Jason S.
Jason S.
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

This is going to be fantastic. Especially after finding a few different sources for the rules of the various games that can be played with this set. This promises to be a Wow at parties going forward.

2 years ago
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

These gloves are awsome! In the past I had to wear 3 layers of socks to keep my feet warm in a shelter outside during cold months. Now I dance on cold concrete in a shelter outside in the middle of winter and one pair keeps my feet fairly warm! Never had anything like it!

4 years ago
James Sellers
James Sellers
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

Snug fit, very nice

6 years ago
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

The belt is good but beware - the sizing guide says to measure from the buckle to the middle hole. In fact the belt u get is measured from the buckle to the tip - so my belt was too short. Unfortunately, when I pointed this out there was no response. Very disappointing!
PS - also, when I checked my review on the website, my 3 star rating had magically been upgraded to a 5 star rating.

3 years ago
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