Nomads use their raw wools respectfully as they believed it is a divine gift from their mother earth. They can use their wool in winter under -40 and in summer when it’s +20. Mongolians use the word “Ilch”, which means the ether, ultra-dimensional energy is present. In order to keep this “ilch”, they don’t color the wool or use any chemicals for processing. Therefore, combed wool is selected for clothes and handicrafts. Sheep wool is the most important animal fiber used in textiles, clothes, yurts, and handicrafts in Mongolia since their origin. Since 2014, we have started to use it in building insulation materials by using new technology.

Sheep Wool

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Showing all 48 results

Characteristics of our pure, organic wool are:

– Resilience, elastic, durable, breathable

– When wool is organic, fine and pure, it does not itch.

– Compared to cashmere, sheep wool products last longer, and by usage, it becomes softer.

– Pure sheep wool reduces the opportunity for odors to develop because it quickly absorbs sweat and evaporates it into the air. Unlike synthetic fabrics, wool does not retain odors and will freshen just from airing out

– not electrified

– very warm

– slightly deformed, wear-resistant