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The Turkic Khanate

The central Asian nomads built their Turkic Khanate, a steppe empire spread over a territory stretching from the Great Wall to the Black Sea. While Tumen Khan was fighting and easily defeating the Jujuan (also known as the Nirun), his brother Islami was expending their domain by invading the Amu Darya region and attacking Persia. […]

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Attila’s Hun Empire

Apart from the northern Hunnu(Hun Empire), badly beaten and driven out from their lands by their southern relatives, gathered under the banner of Shanyu Jiji. They allied themselves with a tribe called Kangu and set out westward in the late fourth century, entering history under the name of the Huns. It was these eastern barbarians […]

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The Hunnu Empire – Nation that forces Qin Dynasty to build Great Wall

The first unified Chinese state, the Qin, survived for only fifteen years, but Qin Shi powerful state of nomads appeared in central Asia under the name of Hunnu(Xiongnu). Likewise, the northern Hu was also disunited tribes, who took turns raiding and looting the self-ruling kingdoms of their sedentary neighbors. the stretches of walls that formed […]

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