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Border Exchanged with Homeland

Since Tuva separation from Mongolia, border disputes between Mongolia and Tuva had arisen. When Molotov arrived in Ulaanbaatar as an Ambassador in July 1957, he re-opened the border problem issue between Tuva and Mongolia.  A Stubborn Avarzed       In November 1957, a decree from the Politburo of the MPRP to approve the government commission […]

Choibalsans Dream

Choibalsan’s Dream

Choibalsan had been thinking a lot about Great Mongolia. He seems to have been deeply imbued with the idea of uniting it while was in a close relationship with Rinchino. However, he saw with his own eyes how the USSR would hinder this vision. Even the territory of Buriat-Mongol had been divided by the Russians […]


De Jure Independence

It was very difficult for Stalin tossed either to Japan or China the lands in which he had invested so much effort, time, and money. He especially could not afford to lose Mongolia to Chiang Kai-shek’s China, which had become an enemy right after the end of the war. outer Mongolia was indeed a reliable […]


Sino-Soviet Negotiations

The fate of Mongolia, which as far back as 1907 had been the subject of confrontation between Russia, China, and Japan, had to be resolved once and for all. With its defeat in the war, Japan was out of the race. Although Russia and later the Soviet Union had recognized Chinese suzerainty and them.   […]


The Yalta Treaty

By 1944 it became clear to everyone that Nazi Germany had very little time to live, and the war would soon end in Europe. Although the future of Europe was unclear, it was evident that Nazism and Fascism were on their deathbed. Europe’s future was in the hands of the British, Americans, and the Soviets. […]


Choibalsan’s New Team

Every time Choibalsan returned from Moscow, he brought with him a list of people who were to be eliminated. this time, several days after he arrived back in Ulaanbaatar, Party Chief Baasanjav and Union of Revolutionary Youth Chief Sengedoij were among those arrested. A Vacancy Opened Up      This was a mop-up operation to […]

genecide armenia

The Terror Ends

Stalin held a special grudge against the Buriads and the Kazakhs who had left the USSR for Mongolia. The Buriads who had survived the Lhumbe case were rounded up and, by 1939, in Selenge aimag only ten to twenty males were left among the Buriads community there. In 1940, in the Dashbalbar sum of Dornod […]

Buddhims and Lamas 1

The Total Terror

The Great Purge became a routine. Stalin stepped back from the control of the details in Mongolia once he felt that fear was sovereign. Among those who had fallen were twenty-five persons from the top leadership of the party and government, 187 persons from the military leadership. Thirty-six of the fifty-one members of the Central […]

Joseph Stalin

Genden Falls into Disfavor

Genden realized that with the New Reform Policy, his country was heading in a new direction, while Stalin realized that Genden couldn’t become the “Mongol Stalin”. The two met on November 15, 1934. Genden Gets Corrected      Judging by the tone of the discussions, Genden didn’t seem to realize Stalin wanted all the lamas, […]

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