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Mongolian Peoples Republic

The Birth of a Stateline Country

The first People’s Hural (Assembly) convened in November 1924, in Ulaanbaatar. The Hural’s main purpose was for the “people’s representatives” to ratify the new constitution and start building a state apparatus in accordance with the new arrangements. Prior to the Hural, aimag assemblies had been held, from which seventy-seven people were elected to go to […]

The Great Game 2

The Great Game

Ever since the Soviets and Outer Mongolia had signed a bilateral treaty in Moscow on November 5, 1921, the issue of Mongolia had been a bone of contention between the young Soviet Union and China. Soviet’s Attempt to Persuade China      On May 1, 1922, the Beijing government lodged a protest against this treaty […]

Battle of Khalkhin Gol Mongolian cavalry

The Nomun Khan Incident

On April 27, Japan’s Cabinet addressed the issue of China and South Asia. The Japanese Cabinet sent urgent instructions to the Kwantung Army in Japanese Manchuria. The instructions called for strengthening the Manchuguo-Soviet and Manchuguo-Mongolian borders and establishing firm military bases in Manchuguo, Inner Mongolia, Northern, and Central China. They also mandated a display of […]


New Assignment from Moscow

The widespread genocide had ended. In late 1939, Choibalsan left again for Moscow to report on the work he had accomplished and to seek advice on his next move. He took with him Tsedenbal, about whom Stalin had enquired a couple of months earlier. Tsedenbal, who had graduated from Irkutsk in 1938, spent several months […]

unnamed 3

The Revenge Against the Buriads

Stalin had no intention, nor did he have any plans, to allow the Mongols free will. In Mongolia there were two groups whom Stalin hated: the Buriads, who had drifted away from Russia after the October revolution, and monks, who had launched an armed uprising, opposing the new Soviet-Style structure. This was a hatred that […]

Grip Loosens e1692499397944

The Grip Loosens

The first action of the New reform was to calm and pacify the people. Those who had participated in the counter-revolutionary uprising were released, and the cases of those accused of hiding their property were concealed. the people whose death sentences had not yet been implemented were instead given ten years imprisonment or were pardoned. […]

Joseph Stalin 1949

Joseph Stalin’s “Retreat”

The issue of the armed revolt was presented to the Political Bureau of the Soviet Bolshevik Revolutionary Party (BHK) by the end of May. By that time it had already spread more or less throughout the whole of Mongolia.       After discussing the situation in detail, the Politburo decided to make a temporary Lenin-style […]

Mongolian revolution

Mongolian Refugees

The great experiment of social engineering naturally had a heavy impact on the minds of the people and the Mongolian began to express their refugees. Some fled, some rebelled, and some looked for outside help. The fight was the simplest form of protest. Starting from 1920 there was a nationwide flight across the borders of […]

Class Struggle

Class Struggle

The main goal of the Soviets was to launch the class struggle in Mongolia and follow Stalin’s model of the “complete elimination of the kulak class”. The Soviet planned to create a united front or poor people against the lamas, noblemen and other feudal and chose the MPRP and the Mongolian Union of Revolutionary Youth […]

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