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New Assignment from Moscow

The widespread genocide had ended. In late 1939, Choibalsan left again for Moscow to report on the work he had accomplished and to seek advice on his next move. He took with him Tsedenbal, about whom Stalin had enquired a couple of months earlier. Tsedenbal, who had graduated from Irkutsk in 1938, spent several months vacationing in the Caucusus for unexplained reasons and returned to Ulaanbaatar in the fall. After working for several months as the Vice-Director of the School of Finances, he was promoted to the post of Deputy Finance minister. He was no longer student Tsedenbal, but Minister Tsedenbal. 

New Resolution

     Indeed, Stalin trusted no-one but Tsedenbal was the only trustworthy man who had been screened since the time he had been a student. Stalin did not know any other Mongols, which is why he made up his mind to form a new team starting with these two men. It had been already decided that Tsedenbal would lead the MPRP, which would meet shortly. A plan had already been drawn up to assassinate Baasanjav, who had been brought from Hovd during Luvsansharav’s time and made Party Chief.

Stalin’s Request 

     Stalin commanded that Mongolia’s livestock population be increased to two hundred million. Of course, he had no idea whether Mongolia’s pastures could accommodate so many animals. What he wanted to be meat only. He advised that every support must be given to the rural households of Mongolia in their effort to raise the livestock population, and said that the previous practice of collectivization would not work. Later, Beria again asked Choibalsan to do as Stalin had instructed him, and increase the livestock population to two hundred million as soon as possible. Just before leaving Moscow, Choibalsan was given a letter signed by Stalin and Molotov which asked him, very politely, to sell thirty thousand tons of sheep wool, one thousand tons of camel wool and one thousand tons of cashmere to the Soviet Union in 1940. The Russians wanted to see Mongolia’s livestock population grow to two hundred million, merely because they wanted a cheap source of raw material, which Mongolia indeed was for them. Choibalsan and Tsedenbal immediately promised Stalin that they would come up with forty thousand tons of sheep wool.

Josef Stalin

     Mongolia is not an agricultural country and does not grow many crops, so why should you have such an emblem? it’s unnecessary. Mongolia is a livestock breeding country. Therefore, in order to show that you have many animals, there needs to be a man on horseback in the middle of the emblem, surrounded on the sides with the drawings of animals.

 Stalin’s instruction to Choibalsan on the new state emblem for Mongolia

Josef Stalin

     You cannot, no matter the cost, give up your posts in the government and the Foreign Ministry. But you must do everything to promote young people and members from the youth union and make them work. After you find somebody reliable from among them, only then can you up to your job in the military and other ministries. I have nothing more to say!

Stalin’s instruction to Choibalsan.

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