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New Assignment from Moscow

The widespread genocide had ended. In late 1939, Choibalsan left again for Moscow to report on the work he had accomplished and to seek advice on his next move. He took with him Tsedenbal, about whom Stalin had enquired a couple of months earlier. Tsedenbal, who had graduated from Irkutsk in 1938, spent several months […]

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Buryats Mongols

Buryats fled from the Soviets in great numbers resettling in Mongolia and Manchuria, bringing an informal and sophisticated transnational network of relations into being. Apart from the Great Purge, the NKVD managed to achieve quite a lot in the Far East. After 1933, the Trans-Siberian Railway was upgraded to become a two-way route, and the […]


Choibalsan’s New Team

Every time Choibalsan returned from Moscow, he brought with him a list of people who were to be eliminated. this time, several days after he arrived back in Ulaanbaatar, Party Chief Baasanjav and Union of Revolutionary Youth Chief Sengedoij were among those arrested. A Vacancy Opened Up      This was a mop-up operation to […]

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