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Military Tactics

Genghis Khan had the best organized and best-equipped army of his time. The numerous maneuvers and stratagems described in modern military textbooks as originating with the Mongols had been in use prior to Genghis, but he improved and formulated them as a warfare doctrine and successfully applied them on a large scale. Organization      […]

catalan atlas depicting marco polo traveling to the east during the pax mongolica

Pax Mongolica

The peace enforced by the ancient Romans in the lands under their control was often called Pax Romana. Likewise, the tranquility that set in for some time in Eurasia after the bloody Mongol conquests could be called Pax Mongolica. During this time, trade and religions flourished. European Guests       Because of the Mongols’ tolerance […]

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Genghis’ Religious Tolerance

Although nomads historically adhered to shamanism, they had traditionally been tolerant towards other religions. while waging wars, snatching others’ lands and ruling different nations, they realized that if they would gain nothing except unceasing resistance. in fact, shamanism was not a monotheistic religion that worshiped one God, but it allowed for each to revere his […]

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Genghis’ Wise Rule

Genghis Khan organized an admirable system of communication in his vast empire, namely the horse relay. Station located along the main roads at intervals of about thirty kilometers offered rest and fresh horses to emissaries, and though these communication lanes vital military, economic and political information was disseminated at an amazing speed. Although The Secret […]

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