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Urga Medal

Asian Cavalry Division

At this time Baron Roman von Urgern-Sternberg, also known as the “Mad Baron” and the “Bloody Baron”, “began his bloodbath in Mongolia. Urgern’s invasion of Mongolia immortalized his name and altered the course of Mongolia’s destiny. The Baron’s Faulty Calculations       It still remains a mystery whether Semenov knew that Urgern, commanding his troops, […]

Baron Ungern

Ungern’s Defeat

On June 16, 1921, the Political Bureau of the Bolshevik Party, without much hesitation, approved the “revolutionary onslaught” plan. On June 28, a unit of the Fifty Army, commanded by K.Neiman and G.Chereinisinov, crossed the Mongolian border not far from Kyakhta, where they were joined by Sukhbaatar’s troops. Together they advanced towards Huree, and arrived […]

Consulate of the Russian Empire in Urgoo

The People’s Party Born from a Conflict of Interest

While Urgern was in power in Huree, the delegation sent to Omsk to ask for Soviet help continued on its way. As luck would have it, the invasion of Urgern eventually caused the mission to be successful.       The delegation, led by Danzan, went from Omsk to Moscow where they even met with Chicherin, […]

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