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Development of Wooden Engraving from 18th Century Mongolia 5

Development of Wooden Engraving from 18th Century Mongolia

Wood engraving has two main types: half engraving and whole engraving. There is a template of engraving that is called tsoi in Mongolia. The whole engraving is used for making a variety of items, such as the horse curry comb, a chest, a newspaper table, a tiger-legged table, a bed, and a cast of traditional cookie, […]

Morin khuur, Horse-head fiddle

Morin Khuur’s History and Evolution from XII Century

Origin Historically, the origin of Morin Khuur(Horse-head Fiddle) has been defined by Mongols folklore and musicians. Firstly, different legends about the origin of Horse-Head Fiddle, namely, Legend of Cuckoo Namjil”, “Legend of Argasun Khuurch”, “Legend of Jonon Khar” had been popular among the Mongolian people for a long period of time. The main idea of […]

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