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genecide armenia

The Terror Ends

Stalin held a special grudge against the Buriads and the Kazakhs who had left the USSR for Mongolia. The Buriads who had survived the Lhumbe case were rounded up and, by 1939, in Selenge aimag only ten to twenty males were left among the Buriads community there. In 1940, in the Dashbalbar sum of Dornod […]

Buddhims and Lamas 1

The Total Terror

The Great Purge became a routine. Stalin stepped back from the control of the details in Mongolia once he felt that fear was sovereign. Among those who had fallen were twenty-five persons from the top leadership of the party and government, 187 persons from the military leadership. Thirty-six of the fifty-one members of the Central […]

Joseph Stalin

Genden Falls into Disfavor

Genden realized that with the New Reform Policy, his country was heading in a new direction, while Stalin realized that Genden couldn’t become the “Mongol Stalin”. The two met on November 15, 1934. Genden Gets Corrected      Judging by the tone of the discussions, Genden didn’t seem to realize Stalin wanted all the lamas, […]

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The Revenge Against the Buriads

Stalin had no intention, nor did he have any plans, to allow the Mongols free will. In Mongolia there were two groups whom Stalin hated: the Buriads, who had drifted away from Russia after the October revolution, and monks, who had launched an armed uprising, opposing the new Soviet-Style structure. This was a hatred that […]


The Soviet Army in Mongolia

On March 12, 1934, a Soviet-Mongol Protocol of Mutual Assistance was signed in Ulaanbaatar. The Protocol, valid for ten years, provided for various forms of assistance, including military assistance, in the event of a threat from a third party against either of the two countries. This was what Genden and Demid had hopelessly been trying […]

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