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Brainstorming Games

Requiring solid thinking and problem-solving capacity, brainstorming games have a long tradition in Mongolia. These kinds of oral games are popular among people even today and contribute to developing creative thinking. Here are some examples of these types of games:

How Can You Cross The River?

One person wants to get grass, a sheep, and a wolf across a river. If the sheep stay with the wolf, the wolf eats sheep. If the grass and sheep are left, the sheep eat the grass. Therefore, how can they be carried across the river?

What Are The Qualities Of The Legs Of Chicken And Rabbits?

The total number of rabbits and chicken is 49, but there are 100 legs. How many rabbits and chickens are there?

How Can A Caravan Leader Lead A Team Of Hungry Camels?

There was a caravan leader who had three camels that had the following flaws: one of the camels eats the owner, the other one eats the owner’s companion, and the last one eats the load. How can the caravan leader deal with these three camels?

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