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Morin Khuur

Scale Exercises

It is very important for your left hand fingers to be able to touch exactly the right place on the strings so that you play every note in perfect tune. The fingering system on the morin khuur is probably different to other instruments you may have played, so lots of practice is essential, no matter […]

The Neck of the Morin Khuur

The Neck of the Morin Khuur

The Morin Khuur produces a wide range of rich sounds, and this illustration shows the main positions for the fingers to produce the notes. There can be no exact guide as to where your fingers should be, as the size of each morin khuur varies, and the position varies with the instrument size. You simply […]

Morin Khuurs

The Exercises

1. The First exercise for a Morin Khuur learner is with the right hand. It aims to teach use of the middle of the bow, the tip section and “sawing” with the frog end. 2. The Second exercise is meant to teach the involvement of the arms. It involves “sawing” with the whole bow, “sawing” […]

Morin Khuur Position 1

Playing Position For The Morin Khuur

How the Morin Khuur sounds “and how well you play it” depends very much on how you sit and how you touch the instrument. It is very important how you place the instrument. You need to be relaxed, with your arms and hands in the right position, smooth finger movements, with correct posture “all generally […]

Morin Khuur 9

Tune of Morin Khuur

Remember: the thinner string will be uppermost when you are holding the morin khuur ready to play. The string of the Morin Khuur are tuned to Bb(an octave and a tone below middle C) and F(an octave and a fifth below middle C). If that sounds complicated, it probably is! But don’t worry. Generally, concert […]

Old Man Fiddler

Traditional Music Of Morin Khuur(Horse-headed Fiddle)

While practicing nomadic pastoralism for hundreds of years, Mongolian communities greatly revered and perpetuated the horse in their coat of arms and musical creations. One of the manifestations of this respect is the morin khuur fiddle. The term morin khuur means fiddle with a horse-head. The morin khuur has two strings. The strings and bow […]

Music Instruments

Mongolian Traditional Music Instruments

The nomadic Mongolians created a variety of forms of musical instruments, elaborated music playing techniques, and developed a rich repertoire for those instruments over a long span of history.In the process, they made their own contribution to the culture of humanity.The initial dedication of the musical instrument of ancient Mongolian nomadic livestock breeders and hunters […]

Mongolian Traditional Song Long Short

Mongolian Traditional Song /Long, Short/

Mongolian Traditional Short Songs Mongolian song is classified into two basic forms: long-songs and short-songs. A short-song is a generic term for songs with a simple composition and compact form that can be sung by anyone. The traditional Mongolian short-song is called by different names, such as ‘khokhir duu’ (humor song), ‘tegüür duu’ (lascivious song), […]

Mongolian Traditional Art Of The Tsuur

Tsuur – Mongolian Centuries Old Traditional Musical Heritage

Tsuur is one of the ancient traditional musical instruments of the Mongolians. The tsuur is referred differently in music histories as ‘Mongol tsuur’, ‘Modon tsuur’ and ‘Hün tsuur’. The tsuur is a vertical wooden wind instrument, with three sound holes, similar to a vertical flute. Despite its visible simplicity, it is a masterpiece of the […]

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