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The Escaping, Calling Back and Transfiguration of the Soul

As academician B.Renchin observed, sometimes, if someone was suddenly and severely frightened, their soul would leave the body. Te shamans say that this soul has escaped. In such cases, the soul flees through the ring finger of the right hand of its master. Thus, the Mongols put a ring of precious metal such as gold […]

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Land and Water Spirit

Lus and Savdag This is one of the three main aspects of the Mongolian Shamanist belief. The majority of researchers are agreed that the Mongols have respected and worshipped Land and Water because their Shamans considered that land and water have their own Spirit of Masters.      To my mind, the tradition of praying […]

Collapse of Shamanism

Change and Collapse of Mongolian Shamanism

These spread of many religions such as Lamaism, Christianity, Nestorian Christianity, and Islam by sending their priests to Mongolia, raising awareness of their Holy Scriptures, setting up places of worship, conducting their religious activities and popularizing their ideology clearly had an immense impact on Shamanism. For instance, “They Lamas began to spread so-called “Gurtem” and […]

Shamanism of Hunnu

Shamanism in the Hunnu Period

The Shaman religion, in a society of Shaman adherents, played a coordinating role in the establishment of public order, protection, unification, and spiritual orientation of the people. In other words, they regulated society and its interaction with nature and other peoples. A major component of the shaman ideology in regard to this was the respect […]

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The Yellow Shamans or Buddhist

The shamans who had lost the original content of Mongolian Shamanism and made its ritual in a formal manner in the name of Yellow Buddhist amulets were called Yellow Shamans. Dulamyn Gombo Zayran of Alag-Erdene soum, Hovsgol aimag, who was born in 1926, made his Yellow Shaman rituals on behalf of the Gombo and Dalan […]


The Sunny and Dark Worlds of Black Shamanism

The Yellow Shaman conception of the “Intermediate realm” and “Dark World” is rather confused, both appearing to be the same place and the home of departed spirits. However, the Black Shaman view of the ‘Sunny or Light” and “Dark” is of two contrasting places. So in their callings and invocations said: “Light nice world”, “Charitable […]


Celestial Body, Ovoo/Cairn, Tree and buumal

The Mongolian shamans believed that the sky neither solid nor liquid and was, therefore, untouchable.      The shaman invocations related to the location of a shaman Ongon call: The ones with etherial mantle, The ones who pass from cloud to cloud, The ones with ghostly silhouettes, Watch them all vigilantly,  Listen to them carefully… […]


The Black Shamanist Rejection Rebirth

The Mongolian Black Shamanist conception concerning the Sunny and Dark World was directly related to the rejection of the idea of rebirth. It is fundamental to Shamanist belief that humans and animals alike are born, have a period in the Sunny World and then when they die, the soul remains forever in Darkness. According to […]

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The Dark World

Yellow Shaman Conception of Dark and Intermediate world The Shaman belief in the “dark” or “Intermediate” world has been long held by the Mongols. It is their answer to the question of where the spirit goes after death. Doctor G.Suhbaatar concluded that, since the Hunnu period, nobles were buried in double-walled tombs and that this […]

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