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Morin Khuur

Scale Exercises

It is very important for your left hand fingers to be able to touch exactly the right place on the strings so that you play every note in perfect tune. The fingering system on the morin khuur is probably different to other instruments you may have played, so lots of practice is essential, no matter […]

The Neck of the Morin Khuur

The Neck of the Morin Khuur

The Morin Khuur produces a wide range of rich sounds, and this illustration shows the main positions for the fingers to produce the notes. There can be no exact guide as to where your fingers should be, as the size of each morin khuur varies, and the position varies with the instrument size. You simply […]

Morin Khuurs

The Exercises

1. The First exercise for a Morin Khuur learner is with the right hand. It aims to teach use of the middle of the bow, the tip section and “sawing” with the frog end. 2. The Second exercise is meant to teach the involvement of the arms. It involves “sawing” with the whole bow, “sawing” […]

Morin Khuur Position 1

Playing Position For The Morin Khuur

How the Morin Khuur sounds “and how well you play it” depends very much on how you sit and how you touch the instrument. It is very important how you place the instrument. You need to be relaxed, with your arms and hands in the right position, smooth finger movements, with correct posture “all generally […]

Morin Khuur 9

Tune of Morin Khuur

Remember: the thinner string will be uppermost when you are holding the morin khuur ready to play. The string of the Morin Khuur are tuned to Bb(an octave and a tone below middle C) and F(an octave and a fifth below middle C). If that sounds complicated, it probably is! But don’t worry. Generally, concert […]


How Mongolian Blacksmithing Artisans Evolved through 800 years

Blacksmithing includes a variety of techniques, including casting, welding is inseparable from nomadic pastoral cultures, and is one of the wonders created by the nomadic pastoralists of Mongolia. The steel hearth, fire tongs, and other household tools are made by blacksmiths. Since ancient times, Mongolian artisans have made weapons and other army equipment, as well as […]

Mongolian Art of Book making 10

Mongolian Art of Book-aking

As the book is one of the most revered items among the nomadic pastoral Mongolians, there are numerous wonderful books created by the prominent artisans in our history. Mongolian book illustrations have an ancient tradition. There are diverse book inscriptions made by using various items, such as ink, natural paints, gold, silver, and gemstones. Moreover, […]

gengis square tsam dance

Sculpture and Papier-mache Crafts

Statuette Crafts Statuette crafts are made by molding a particular material into a cast and then preparing in a variety of ways, including baking, glazing, and smoking. The special cast is made based on the traditions of wood, stone and bone engraving crafts. Through this craft, various objects can be made, starting from small decorations to […]

Mongolian Game Painting

Mongolian Game Painting

An ancient times Mongolians used to paint the games they are playing such as card and shaggy etc. Mongolian traditional painting has developed in correlation with all types of art. One of these types is the painting of Mongolian games. Khözör, üichüür and other games are hand-made out of paper, leather and suede, and have […]

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