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Mongolian Game Painting

Mongolian Game Painting

An ancient times Mongolians used to paint the games they are playing such as card and shaggy etc. Mongolian traditional painting has developed in correlation with all types of art. One of these types is the painting of Mongolian games. Khözör, üichüür and other games are hand-made out of paper, leather and suede, and have […]

Development of Wooden Engraving from 18th Century Mongolia 5

Development of Wooden Engraving from 18th Century Mongolia

Wood engraving has two main types: half engraving and whole engraving. There is a template of engraving that is called tsoi in Mongolia. The whole engraving is used for making a variety of items, such as the horse curry comb, a chest, a newspaper table, a tiger-legged table, a bed, and a cast of traditional cookie, […]


How Mongolian Blacksmithing Artisans Evolved through 800 years

Blacksmithing includes a variety of techniques, including casting, welding is inseparable from nomadic pastoral cultures, and is one of the wonders created by the nomadic pastoralists of Mongolia. The steel hearth, fire tongs, and other household tools are made by blacksmiths. Since ancient times, Mongolian artisans have made weapons and other army equipment, as well as […]

gengis square tsam dance

Sculpture and Papier-mache Crafts

Statuette Crafts Statuette crafts are made by molding a particular material into a cast and then preparing in a variety of ways, including baking, glazing, and smoking. The special cast is made based on the traditions of wood, stone and bone engraving crafts. Through this craft, various objects can be made, starting from small decorations to […]

mongolian pattern on green sleeve

Mongolian Ornamental Patterns

Ornaments are a very important part of the Mongolian decorative arts. They represent traditional artistic expressions that depict the origin, essence, and meaning of various things and phenomena of our life and the universe. The first ornamental figures and patterns included realistic descriptions of things and happenings; later, they have come to include dots, lines, […]


Cultural Meaning of Mongolian Yurt Ornaments

1. What is Mongolian Yurt? Mongolian Yurt (ger) is a traditional portable dwelling of the nomadic Mongolians. Mongolian yurts are made of a wooden framework, a felt cover, and ropes. From various primitive dwellings to the modern ger with its delicate and unique ornaments, a complex system of aesthetic characteristics defines the Mongol ger-architecture, which […]

Morin Khuur Position 1

Playing Position For The Morin Khuur

How the Morin Khuur sounds “and how well you play it” depends very much on how you sit and how you touch the instrument. It is very important how you place the instrument. You need to be relaxed, with your arms and hands in the right position, smooth finger movements, with correct posture “all generally […]

Felt Quilting Crafts 3

Mongolian Felt Crafts

Ornamenting Felt Craft There are many items in Mongolia made by felt. Mongolian felt craft is very unique. Some example of the Mongolian felt craft is felt souvenir ger, felt sitting pad, felt yurt cover, etc. The patterns are made with ochre. The interlocking pattern starts from the middle portion of the drawn pattern, and […]

Mongolian Traditional Calligraphy

Mongolian Script and Traditional Calligraphy

The Mongolian nations have created and used various scripts since ancient times and they keep a complex tradition of calligraphy. Mongolian calligraphy has strictly-observed writing symbols called tig (glyph). Ancient Glyph Ancient Mongolian historical chronicles, inscriptions on monuments, and royal letters and documents are written in ancient scripts, using graceful, yet hard pointed writing tools. […]

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