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Traditional Costume Making

The Mongolian traditional costume /deel/ (robe) is one of the simplest and most distinctive cultural features of the Mongol people. This and other forms of national clothing are well designed for the demanding Mongolian climate and environment and the unique nomadic ways of life, social values, and customs that the Mongolian people have followed for […]

How Mongolian Boots Invented from Life of Nomadic People 1

How Mongolian Boots Invented from Life of Nomadic People

Mongolian boots are designed to be used in a way that is uniquely adapted to the landscape of Mongolia, its weather conditions, and the shoe’s shoulders are not kicked out of the rocks. It is also believed that the air between the laces and the socks is scientifically ground to keep warm in the winter […]

Mongolian jewelry

What Are Mongolian Different Ethnic Group Costume Called

We will explain you about what are Mongolian hats and clothes called in 18th century. By the beginning of last century, Mongolians clothing(deel), hat, and shoe designs were quite different from those of other Mongols and have preserved the ancient traditions of traditional Mongolian clothing(Deel). Let’s explain the Oirat’s clothing and ornaments to the example […]

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