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Emperor Xiaowen of Northern Wei

Shiyijian (320-376)

Shiyijian was the last prince of the Tuoba Dai state and ruled from 338 to 376 when Dai was conquered by the Former Qin. He was the son of Tuoba Yulu and the younger brother of Tuoba Yulu and the younger brother of Tuoba Yihuai, whom he succeeded in 338. He was estimated as the […]


Shelun (402-410 CE)

Rouran Emperor or Khan, also known as Jarun. When his father Wengedi (in some records, it says he was the son of Hedohan) died, he got support from his uncle Pihuoba, but broke his trust and attacked him when he was off guard and became the Khan. Since then Rouran pastured north of the Gobi […]

Emperor Wu of Jin

Wu Di (156-87 BCE)

Chinese Emperor of the Han Dynasty. The original name is Liu Che. Was born in 156 BCE and passed away on March 29, 87 BCE. During his reign, the influence of Daoism and the authority of Han increased much trans-border. He was attacked by Xiongnu by the stage-by-stage plan and the war continued for almost […]

Battle of Talas River

Battle of Talas River

Fighting between Xiongnu and Han army near the Talas River in autumn and winter of 36 BCE, present Taraz city of Kazakhstan. Zhizhi Chany is headed by Gang Yanshou and Cheng Tang. Xiongnu army consisted of 3000 Xiongnu, 10000 Kangju warriors, and the Chinese army consisted of 40.000 land forces, a few numbers of cavaliers, […]

Battle of Baideng

Battle of Baideng

Military conflict between Xiongnu and Hun dynasty. Held in the territory of today’s Shanxi province, in 200 BCE. The main combat was held in the Baideng Mountain, near Datong. In this combat, the Xiongnu was commanded by Modu Chanyu and the Han by the Gaozu emperor. Xiongnu had 400.000 cavalries and the Han had 320.000 […]

Bars Hot

Baruun Duruu (Bars Hot-II)

A walled settlement of the Xiongnu period, located in a place named Baruun Duruu, in distances of 7 km in the east of the Bars Hot-I and of 5 km from the Kherulen River, Tsagaan Ovoo Soum, Dornod aimag. This wall was first discovered by Kh. Perlee in 1951 and has been explored and partially […]


Balamber (in 360-378)

A well-known ruler of Western Xiongnu who is recorded in history. His name is noted like Valamir or Balamber. In 370, the western Xiongnu crossed the Volga River, broke up the Alans in the North Caucasus, and entered Eastern Europe. In 371, they defeated the Gots on the north coast of the Black Sea and […]

800px Museum fur Indische Kunst Dahlem Berlin Mai 2006 063

White Xiongnu (420-552)

In Greek Hephthalite, in Indian Huna, There are always discussions on their origin, but some scholars believe they are related to Xiongnu. The core group of White Xiongnu was warrior nomads, but most White Xiongnu were farmers. The earliest reference about them is from 125 CE, which says that they lived in the desert of […]

huns large

Laoshang Chanyu (174-161 BCE)

Xiongnu second Great Chanyu. This is the title granted to Xiongnu Chanyu whose real name was Jizhu. His official title was “Xiongnu Chanyu, the supreme leader, blessed by the Sun and Moon, and conferred by the Sky and Earth”. He was the son of Modun Chanyu and his successor. During his reign, Xiongnu became a […]

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