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Mongolian Top 5 Food Items to Buy Online

1. Aaruul

Have you ever heard about Aaruul? This is a dried milk product and a healthy snack for Mongolians. It can be varied by size, shape and flavor depending on the region where it is made. Since its main ingredient is milk it is rich in protein, vitamin C, D, E, A, and calcium. Aaruul also can be sweetened with sugar and fruit. Western Mongolian aaruul is soft and oily due to using unpasteurized milk. We believe that hard aaruul is good for strengthening teeth and gums. Nowadays worm-shaped aaruul is widely available in the Mongolian market. The worm aaruul is made by a Mongolian dairy product producing company using the traditional method to the modern standard.

2. Milk Vodka 

Distilled vodka or milk vodka is much more beneficial for health compared to regular vodka distilled from wheat. Mongolian nomadic families use to make milk vodka in summer but now it is produced in large quantities in a special industry to meet the hygienic standard and made available throughout the year. Mongolian vodka is served warm with various different kinds of dairy products. Mixed with melted butter or molasses, it helps the stomach to digest food easily. It can heal scurvy, and relieve back pain instantly. Milk vodka is mainly used for remedies and served before sleeping.

By heating Shiguderi vodka along with honey, it will help boost your immune system.


3. Yak Ghee

Today yak ghee is considered one of the superfoods to boost the immune system. The yak has an opportunity to graze in fresh tender plants which are grown on high mountain areas like 2000 meters above sea level. The yak is a cold-tolerant animal that grazes in the wilderness and feeds on more than 200 species of plants. Therefore the ghee made from yak milk is very organic. The chromatographic study of the fatty acid content of yak butter showed that it had the highest content of oleic acid 41.8%, essential linoleic acid, linoleic, and stearic acid 15.54%, saturated acid 48.96%, and unsaturated acid 51.04%.

9 benefits of using Yak butter are:

  1. To prevent Alzheimer’s disease
  2. Anti-inflammation and anti-cancer
  3. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  4. Improve immune system
  5. Helps prevent diabetes
  6. Improve digestion
  7. Detoxify body for long time use
  8. Skin lightening and improve eyesight
  9. Helps to lose weight


4. Airag 

Airag is fermented horse milk made by Mongolian nomadic families for a long time ago. It is widely drunk by Mongolian people in summer. The taste is sour but it is good for digestion. It contains a lot of essential elements for the human body such as calcium, phosphorus, etc. From time to time, airag has been the main dish of Mongolian celebrations, national festivals, and ceremonies. 1 liter of fermented airag contains 0.3-0.4 mg of vitamin A, 95-100 mg of vitamin C and 100-200 mg of ascorbic acid. Airag is a product rich in vitamin D. It inhibits the growth and reproduction of pathogens such as putrefactive bacteria, Escherichia coli, staphylococci, and infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, typhus, and typhoid fever, stops the putrefactive process in the gut and keeps the intestinal pH in an acidic environment.

5. Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is healthy food and a rich source of protein. Jerky has a long shelf life and good snack for busy people.  Ingredients of Mongolian beef jerky are grass-fed beef fillet, Jamts rock salt for seasoning, and black pepper. Lean cuts of 100% Mongolian grass-fed premium meat, slow-cooked over hardwood smoke.


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