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The Islamic World

The Altaic nomadic societies of Asia played a key role in the expansion of the Islamic world. The Turkic people who originated from Central Asia favored Islam. They assimilated in three waves into the Islamic world, a process which lasted four hundred years. The first wave was conducted by the Seljuk Turks (1055-1092), the second by the Mongols (1259-1411) and the third also by the Mongols (1369-1405).

The Arrival of the Mongols

     The Mongols attacked the Islamic world on Genghis Khan’s orders in 1220. When Genghis Khan’s grandson Mongke became Khan, he decided to expand the empire to the south and west. This made a considerable. This made a considerable difference to the region. Hulegu headed west on his brother’s orders in 1256 and when he entered the Islamic world, he came face to face with the powerful assassins in Southern Iran. This branch of Islam emerged during the 11th century and carried out horrendous murders which struck fear into the hearts of the Arabians and Persians for two centuries. Hulegu defeated them easily and captured their leaders.

     One hundred and fifty years later Timu Khan attacked the Islamic world in an effort to restore the Mongol empire. after Timur, the Altaic People- more specifically, the Turks- were the leaders in the region for the next 500 years. 

The Mongols and Muslims

     During Pax Mongolica, the great traveler and religious figure Ibn Battuta traveled one hundred and twenty thousand kilometers from East Africa to the Indonesian islands. He also met the Mongol khans. The Mongols converted to Islam by the thousands. The first was the khan of Il-Khan, Ghazan, who converted to Islam from Buddhism in 1295. His grandson was given an Islamic name, Ali Saed, and most of the Mongols soon followed suit. The nomads, who quickly adapted to their surroundings, accepted the religion but did not spread it further. But the Mongol wars made it possible for Islam to reach Africa, South and Southeast Asia, also India.

Ata Malik ibn Juvayn.

     Genghis Khan and his servants was a weapon of God sent to punish these brutal sinners. Genghis Khan’s reign is proof of God’s divine plans.

Political Assassination

     The assassins were called the Islamic fundamentalists. who terrorized Persian and Islamic influential leaders. The people who carried out the orders were drugged by hashish and forcefully converted. When Hulegu reached the Islamic world the assassins were at the height of their power. Even though they were few in numbers in the Islamic world, they were professional killers and scared even the most powerful empires. The word assassin comes from hashish from which later originated the English term of political assassination.

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